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I am a loving, home breeder of pedigree quality, American Bullys

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My Story

Hello, and thank you for stopping by my site! Pittie city is owned by Dylan Turner, a breeder in the City of Nashville, TN. I specialize in Classic American Bullies with outstanding pedigrees, phenomenal temperaments, rare coat colors, and rare patterns seen by few. My pups are more than just pets, they are part of the family, and that’s precisely how I expect them to be treated.

Whether you want a show dog, a protection dog, or just a lap dog, I produce the best American Bullies for every home. When you purchase a dog from me, you become more than a client but a family member.

Happy, Healthy Bloodlines

I require some vital information from those looking to become part of the Pitty City family. I want to ensure that they live the best imaginable lives and are treated with the utmost kindness and sincerity. I do this to show the world that this breed is a hidden gem, with only a handful of those aware of it. I want to add to those numbers by showing off their true potential as an all-around family pet. These dogs are to ensure they will be loyal and healthy companions with outstanding temperaments. They have body structures that resemble Greek statues with colors that could adorn the walls of art galleries.

A Furever Friend

My dogs live in my home. They come everywhere with me, not just for training or to play at the park, but they also come to work. All of their out-of-the-home activity with me is one of the many things that sets me apart from other breeders. I begin socializing them from the very start with other dogs, children, and even cats. They are not just pets; they are FAMILY! It's ALL about Family. Whether You're Married or Single, Kids or No, A Classic American Bully compliments all lifestyles.

Rich with Structure and Definition

A Healthy, Balanced diet is crucial for the American Bully breed. But along with their diet, GENETICS is critical in assuring you not only get a HEALTHY new family friend but one that will CERTAINLY turn heads. At Pittie City, we provide TOP SHELF quality, NOTHING LESS. Come On In, have a seat. Let us SHOW you why we will be Nashville's best American Bully breeders. NOT Just Dogs, They're Much More Than That; they instantly become Priceless. You wouldn't trade them for Anything.

My Dogs


Paris is the most affectionate! She will smother you in cuddles and kisses. She is the most meticulous mother, constantly grooming and caring for her babies.

This beautiful girl is beyond spoiled, from diet to socialization. She loves to run, play, and swim with other dogs. She has a medium drive but is really food motivated. Expert cuddler, she gives all the love.

Paris is a reliable protector and loyal, loving dog; she has made life much more enjoyable for us! I know her pups will do the same for others.

Her muscles show in her neck and chest. Large head. Incessant lover. She loves people, children, dogs, and cats. Trainable and intelligent.


  • Her muscles shows in her neck and chest. Tricolcolor chocolate.
  • Gets along with people, children, dogs, and cats
  • Trainable and intelligent.
  • Loyal and loving family guard dog


  • 7 purple ribbons in her pedigree
  • UKC papered
  • 2x shamrock daughter/ Lucky Luciano


Ice is a dog with much love to give. At five weeks, he came to us and has developed into a superstar.

He loves to exercise, play tug of war, and hang out of the truck's window! Not only does his temperament match his quirky style, but his love for socializing with other dogs defines his personality.

He loves to snuggle, greet EVERYONE he meets, and relax with a good bone after a long day!


  • Muscle Bound
  • Very sociable and playful
  • Trainable and intelligent.


  • ABKC Registered

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